Clergy Leaders in Health Ministry Nomination

Deacons, Priests and Bishops

  • Is there a clergy person in your life who has been supportive of health ministry?
  • Is there a clergy person who is always seeking innovative ways to make your parish or diocese healthier?
  • Who is the clergy person you turn to when you need an advocate for health ministry?

There are so many ways clergy can support a health ministry in the Episcopal Church.  Speaking from the pulpit about the body, mind and spirit connection is just one of many ways. The most important thing is: Name It! Claim it! and Proclaim it!

It is difficult, if not nearly impossible, for health ministry to thrive without the avid support of clergy. We at NEHM know many of you enjoy immense levels of support from your clergy and we want to give you the opportunity to show your appreciation during Clergy Appreciation Month (October). 

Simply fill in the form below and submit it. We will:

  • On Oct 17th, the Feast of St. Luke, send a thank you note to the nominated clergy
  • Send a notice to their diocese 

Please submit form by September 30, 2010.