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Each week, we highlight stories from our newsfeed on Prismatic. No account is required to see what we think is worth reading, so visit our profile often! We update it daily so there is usually something new to check out. Here is a sample of what we liked this week:

Living Simply in a Dumpster from Epoch Times
One professor left his home for a 36-square-foot open-air box, and he is happier for it. How much does a person really need? Tucked behind the women’s residence halls in a back corner of Huston-Tillotson University’s campus in Austin, Texas, sits a green dumpster.

Celebrating the positive for children with a parent in prison from the Cape Cod Times
Friendships – we know how important and sometimes complicated they can be. Ten-year-old “Candice” has reasons to be especially aware of the complexities. On a hot August camp day as she changed into her bright pink bathing suit, this soon-to-be 4th-grader was grateful for the friends she has at Camp Amazing Grace in Sandwich. “At home,” she says, “I never hang out with kids. Like when they talk about their dad and ask where my dad is. I’m like embarrassed. He’s in jail and my mom says I’m too young to know why. In two years, he’ll get out. I know a boy who had a dad in jail. He said when his dad got out, he gave him a hug. So that’s what I’ll probably do too – give my dad a hug.”

Smartphones Are Used To Stalk, Control Domestic Abuse Victims from NPR
We've looked a lot at privacy from the Big Brother standpoint: how the National Security Agency or corporate giants like Google track us online, say for political reasons or to make money from ads. But there's another kind of privacy concern that is a lot more intimate. You could call it Little Brother, though it's really more like husbands and wives, lovers and exes who secretly watch their partners — from a distance. They are cyberstalking — using digital tools that are a lot cheaper than hiring a private detective.

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<h1><a href="/blog/new-interfaith-suicide-resource-your-life-matters">New Interfaith Suicide Resource - Your Life Matters!</a></h1>

We just learned of a new program to help faith communities address suicide and address suicidal behaviours. Your Life Matters!, an initiative of the Faith Communities Task Force of the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention, asks all faith communities to devote one sabbath a year to the issue of suicide.

“Most faith communities share common core characteristics that, by their nature, help prevent suicides,” said Rev. Talitha Arnold, Executive Committee member of the Action Alliance and co-lead of the Faith Communities Task Force, which is responsible for developing the campaign. “Faith communities are most powerful when they promote hope; build healthy social connections; and provide answers to life’s challenging questions. Faith communities also recognize and celebrate the myriad reasons for living and the God-given value of each member in the community, whether young or old, weak or strong, healthy or infirmed.” Rev. Arnold also pastors a congregation in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The Your Life Matters! website provides resources where faith leaders can find the information and resources they need for a successful local event. The committee has assembled communications aids, worship and spiritual resources suitable for each of the major faith traditions in the U.S., and a compendium of other resources to assist faith communities in promoting mental and spiritual health, reducing suicide risk, and if tragedy strikes, supporting the needs of family and friends after a suicide event.


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Each week, we highlight stories from our newsfeed on Prismatic. No account is required to see what we think is worth reading, so visit our profile often! We update it daily so there is usually something new to check out. Here is a sample of what we liked this week:

Happiness Comes From New Experiences, Not Material Objects; Even When They Haven't Happened Yet from Medical Daily
Imagine for a second, going to a place that you’ve wanted to travel to for quite some time; a Caribbean island, for example. Being on those sandy beaches, exploring rainforests and jungles, and swimming in clear waters will make almost anyone happy — much happier than buying a new TV or some new clothes.

Take a seat. You may be able to reverse the damage to your health from The Washington Post
Sitting for eight or more hours a day can be deadly. That fact has been hammered home in study after study showing the negative health effects -- including heart disease, poor circulation and joint pain -- associated with being parked on your behind for most of the day. The only sure way to prevent those problems, researchers have said, is to sit far less.

Sir John Franklin: Fabled Arctic ship found from BBC News
One of two British explorer ships that vanished in the Arctic more than 160 years ago has been found, Canada's prime minister says. Stephen Harper said it was unclear which ship had been found, but photo evidence confirmed it was one of them.

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<h1><a href="/blog/enterovirus">Enterovirus - Another Reminder to Wash Your Hands</a></h1>

You may have seen the news that an specific enterovirus, EV-D68, has caused a lot of kids to get sick in 10 states around the country - and that number is growing.  A number of these children are being hospitalized with serious respertory issues. The enterovirus itself is a common bug - often known as the summer cold - but this particular strain is rare.

As school is now back in session, and kids are in close proximity to one another, there is concern that the disease will continue to spread and we'll be seeing outbreaks in other communities in the coming days and weeks.

There is no vacciene so the best prevention is the standard precautions we all should take in our daily lives - frequently washing hands, avoiding touching the face, not sharing utensils or cups, and staying home if feeling ill.  

Since this particular disease is impacting children it's another good opportunity for a reminder on the importantce of hand washing. The CDC calls handwashing a 'do it yourself vacciene' and has a whole page of resources on the topic including everything from posters to videos.

Share the importance of clean hands with others today!

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<h1><a href="/blog/westburg-symposium">Westberg Symposium 2015 - Submit a Proposal!</a></h1>

Our friends at the Church Health Center have just released the Call for Proposals for their 2015 Westburg Symposium. This might be an excellent opportunity to present on issues of interest to Faith Community Nurses - remember EHM is not holding a conference in 2015 due to the conflict with the Episcopal Church's General Convention!

The Westberg theme for 2015 is “Foundations and Futures: Joining in the Song of Faith Community Nursing Practice” and the event will be held a the Peabody Memphis April 9-12, 2015.  The Symposium is focused on the specialty practice of faith community nursing. The purpose is to deepen the fundamental knowledge of healing ministry and explore the newer aspects of this specialty practice and resources to offer evidence-based care. The advances in faith community nursing will also be addressed through expert panels of nursing theorists and application of research. This Westberg Symposium is expanding its learning styles - the symphony of health and wholeness continues.

If you are interested in this alternate educational opportunity, they are currently seeking proposals for workshop, poster and research based presenations that clearly relate to one of the following symposium objectives:

  • To identify means of advancing the practice and resources for faith community nursing
  • To describe techniques and methods for providing “intentional care of the spirit" (i.e., spiritual care) in nursing practice
  • To provide self-care strategies that facilitate personal and spiritual growth
  • To explore the effect of music in integration of holistic care

To find all the guidelines and fine print, click here!  Deadline for all submissions September 25, 2014 at 4pm CST so act soon!