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Welcome to the new site! Part 1

submitted December 02, 2009 by Matthew Ellis   |   comments

Where to begin? We've been promising a complete rebuild of the site for some time now and as you can see, while it took us longer than we had hoped, the extra time has been put to good use. Here's a summary of what I hope you'll find in our new site:

  • A clean, fresh look: I hope you'll agree the new site is refreshingly easy to use. Our previous site had begun to suffer from trying to do too many things that it was never designed to do in the first place. Over time, this meant navigation on the site had become confusing. The redesign has addressed these issues.

  • Better Organization: We've worked hard to simplify the site while at the same time adding new information and resources. All primary site navigation is controlled by the major tabs across the top of the pages. Our logo and name in the upper left corner acts as a constant home page button. Each section (People, Events, etc.) then has its own menu on the left to manage information.

  • Memberships and material sales: You may have noticed that NEHM no longer charges for memberships. After much reflection, we've decided that it is simply not consistent with our mission to withhold information for members only as a way to contribute to our funding needs. This same approach now applies to our sale of materials as well. Browse our Resources section and you will see that many of the materials we previously offered for sale are now free downloads. Those items still for sale are items that require printing and shipping. I hope you will consider donating to NEHM so that we can continue to help those in this ministry. Just click the 'Donate' button on any page for more information.

  • People: This section is a completely new way of identifying the leaders of each province and diocese and how to connect with them. All province representatives are listed on the initial People page. Clicking on a province will show you all of the dioceses in that province and the volunteers who serve as diocesan liaisons. You'll notice that not every diocese or province has someone listed. If you'd like to volunteer with your diocese, contact your province representative, diocesan liaison or let us know. There's no shortage of opportunities!

In Part 2, we'll continue to highlight new features of the site. We know it's a big change, but we're confident that once you spend some time with it, you'll find the site to be better organized and much easier to use.

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