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Website Update is Coming Soon!

submitted February 05, 2013 by Matthew Ellis   |   comments

Several years ago, we implemented a complete website redesign that provided us with a radically updated online presence. The prior site had been designed in the late 1990's and was difficult to navigate and use. We tried hard to anticipate the future needs of National Episcopal Health Ministries and to design a website that would be relevant for the foreseeable future. In some ways, we succeeded but in some important ways we did not. 

We are now in the final stages of doing another redesign of the website. My hope is that the new site will go live in the next two weeks. However, unlike the last time we did a major upgrade, this time the site will look very similar to its current design. While it may look the same at first glance, the real changes will be a significant upgrade in how it functions. Here are a few items we have identified in the current site and how we are improving the site in the new version.


  • Our current site was a major upgrade over the first-ever NEHM website, but it is clear that we can dramatically improve the way our resources are organized and searched.

  • Soon, each resource will be given a broad category type. However, the big change will be the addition of tags. With tags, each resource can be identified with multiple keywords that can be browsed. For instance, Let's Move! resources might be tagged with 'youth', 'let's move', 'fitness' and 'exercise'. Clicking any of these keywords from a list will include these resources in your results.

  • Resources will also be able to be easily added to blog posts and other information. Reading a blog about Let's Move for faith communities? We'll have our relevant resources listed in the margin.

  • Search: We are implementing a new search engine for the website that will pull results in a smarter, more organized fashion.

  • Images and files will have much easier 'behind the scenes' management.

  • Images will be able to appear in galleries, acting as a live slideshow on the page. 

  • Significant upgrades to the content management system, giving us new tools and features to utilize throughout the site. 

I'm excited about the changes that are coming soon. While at first glance the site may not look radically different, I think the features we are adding will have a dramatic impact on the ways you are able to find information for your ministries. If you are having a hard time visualizing these updates, just hang on. You will see them soon!

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