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Valuable Tornado Preparation: Your Phone!

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<h1>Valuable Tornado Preparation: Your Phone!</h1>

The sky was an eerie mix of bright clouds followed by a wall of pitch black storms. As the tornado sirens blared, our phones also began beeping with loud alerts. Looking out, one could see the clouds rotating in a fascinating but disconcerting way. The staff and visitors of St. Paul's Indianapolis headed for a secure location. 

In the 45 minutes that followed last Tuesday, we would continue to receive audible alerts from our phones. It became a game to see who would be the last to be notified of updates about safety. Our rector, John Denson, was the unfortunate 'winner' of this contest. As he said, if you don't receive your tornado alert until ten minutes after the danger has passed, what good is it? Our experience this week reinforced how smartphones can help us (or not) during an emergency. 

The Tornado app from the Red Cross is an excellent resource to keep handy for those living in tornado-prone areas. You can take quizzes, make a plan, check the radar, and receive alerts based on your location. 

Other apps from the Red Cross include:

  • First Aid
  • Flood
  • Earthquake
  • Wildfire
  • Hurricane
  • Pet First Aid
  • and more!

Take the time to add the apps you need to your phone now. Remember, preparedness means having it before you need it!