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Tornadoes in the Midwest

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<h1>Tornadoes in the Midwest</h1>

The best time to develop your disaster preparedness plan is before you need it. Review our disaster preparedness resources here.

Natural disasters are terrifying. Despite our best attempts to prepare, we are clearly at the mercy of Mother Nature. From our home parish in Indianapolis, we have had a front row seat to the destruction caused by recent storms in the Midwest. 

I'm grateful that those known to us seem to be safe, having suffered mostly damaged property as far as I know. My parents still live near Kokomo, which is under a state of emergency at the time of this writing. Our Province V representative, Maryfran Crist, is also safe, although she was required to pass part of the storm in a safe room at Walgreens!

Tornadoes are a peculiar phenomenon, appearing with little or no warning and vanishing just as quickly. Here is some footage from the weekend's storm: 

A Prayer for Victims of Recent Storms

Almighty Father, who laid the foundation of the earth and set the limit of the sea,
whose Son wept at the grave of Lazarus his friend and endured the cross for our salvation,
strengthen with your grace all victims of natural disasters, especially the victims of the recent storms.

Grant rest and peace to the dead, healing to the wounded, strength and endurance to those who rebuild.
May all who grieve know the consolation of your love, and by your grace,
help us to seek you even in the midst of things we cannot understand.

Grant this for the sake of your only Son Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever. Amen.

-Calvary Episcopal Church, Louisville, KY