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Top 10 Recent NEHM Activities!

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<h1>Top 10 Recent NEHM Activities!</h1>

You might remember that a few weeks ago we announced that we have refreshed the website. We didn't buy a whole new car, but we did put a new engine under the hood and added a great stereo system. I guess what I'm trying to say is it looks similar but works MUCH better. 

Now that we have addressed some structural issues with the site, we have been working hard to add new resources for you. Here is a rundown of just some of what we have been doing while you have been sleeping.

Top 10 Recent NEHM Activities:

  1. Hired Sue Hacker Nelson: I've always believed it is critical to hire great people. Well, we found one. Sue has jumped right in and is doing a terrific job. Technically, we hired her with the title Front Office Manager. More accurate is probably Jack of All Trades, Master of... well, All Trades. She is amazing and I hope you are coming to the conference where you can meet her!

  2. We are having our national conference May 9-11 in Baltimore! If we have been working on 1-9 while getting ready for the conference, just how awesome do you think this conference experience is going to be? Exactly, so be there! Registration information is here.

  3. Kicked the blog into overdrive (just check out April!): One struggle I have always had is finding the time to slow down and allow the creative thought process the open space it needs to work well. Hiring Sue has freed up mental energy knowing someone else is here to help us stay on track. I think our blog is an important avenue for discussion and I'm thrilled to have more time to write for it. Terra Hoskins is a wonderful contributor and has several posts this month worth reading as well. 

  4. New Media Section: Let's be honest, this section of our site has always been a bit underutilized. For a while, we thought we would post interesting online articles about health ministries but soon found the links were often broken at the source and it was a lot of work to maintain. This is MUCH better. The Media section is now a list of blogs, social media channels, newsletters and websites that relate to health ministries and the Episcopal Church. Because they are not links to individual articles, we can scour the web for the best information sources and it will always be current. I am really excited about this and guarantee there is already something great waiting for you here. 

  5. New Resources: I am sure you have already spent worthwhile time checking out the redesigned section. However, we have added many new resources in the past few weeks, including items tagged with the following: Veterans, Mental Health, Disability, Violence, and Aging, among others. Take another look!

  6. New Diocesan Liaisons: We have several new diocesan liaisons in the pipeline and will be announcing them soon!

  7. Westberg Symposium: I met with several longtime friends in health ministry and also made some new ones in Memphis. I learned about some exciting new initiatives, which will be shared in the coming months. We also laid the groundwork for some potential new partnerships. Marge Hanna Zeig blogged the conference here.  

  8. New Events: We have added several new events to our calendar. Even if you cannot attend, this is a great place to gain inspiration for your own activities!

  9. NEHM Promotional Items: We have ordered several NEHM promotional items for our conference. We are excited for you to see them! After the conference, we will be making them available to those of you who were unable to join us. 

  10. Finally, our Facebook page and Twitter feed remains active, often sharing or retweeting items that don't make it into the blog or newsletter. Be sure you are connected to us!

Which of these items is your favorite? What do you want to see us work on after the conference is over? Let us know in the comments!