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The Quickstart Guide to a Decluttered Home

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<h1>The Quickstart Guide to a Decluttered Home</h1>

Leo Babauta of ZenHabits.net has several suggestions for helping you declutter your home. Why should you declutter? Leo says:

Decluttering my home has meant a more peaceful, minimal life. It’s meant I spend less time cleaning, maintaining my stuff, looking for things. Less money buying things, storing things. Less emotional attachment to things.

I just experienced this last night. Like many, we have a 'junk drawer' in the kitchen that acts as a catch-all for stuff we don't know where to put elsewhere. Every once in a while, it becomes overwhelming. Last night was one such instance. 

I needed something out of the drawer, but it wouldn't open properly. Something had been turned upright, blocking the drawer from opening. By the time I finally got the $%#$ drawer open, I was frustrated and annoyed to a degree that was honestly unreasonable. I decided to clean the drawer right then and there.

Some questions that came up:

  1. Do we need 3 pairs of scissors in this drawer? After all there are only 2 people in our house, so the odds of needing 3 at any time are pretty slim. 

  2. Why are there batteries in here? We have a place for batteries. This isn't it. 

  3. These rubberbands are broken. Can't we toss them at this point? 

On and on it went, until the drawer was pared back down to a reasonable set of contents. Now I open the drawer easily, I see exactly what I need, and I'm able to get to it without hassle. I feel a sense of peace when I open the drawer and don't see everything we've tried to hide for the last 6 months.

Does this sound weird or unreasonable to you? I bet we all have a 'junk drawer' of our own in life. Hopefully, it's small and manageable. However, the more clutter, the bigger the reward and satisfaction for cleaning it out. Now, read that article and declutter something in your life. 

The Quickstart Guide to a Decluttered Home via ZenHabits.net