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Take Care, Take Action in Your Health Ministry

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<h1>Take Care, Take Action in Your Health Ministry</h1>

Healing the healers: Taking care of the heart of the doctor

This story takes an inside look at how physicians cope and equip themselves to provide the care patients need. Lucille Marchand, a professor of family medicine at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health, pioneered a different kind of class that keeps practicing physicians coming back. The program explores how to “remain human, sensitive and open despite the rigors of the doctor’s life.”

But regardless of profession, the idea that taking better care of yourself allows you to take better care of others...that’s a concept worth practicing.

Sound Healing: Relaxation for the Mind and Body

An unusual form of therapy, sound therapy, is being used to help cancer patients decompress and better cope with the emotional aspects of surviving cancer. David Cowan, RN, HNC, CNMT, CLT, explains how it works.

Four Healing, Healthy Fruits: How Fruit Can Protect Against Disease
You may be aware of the healing power of berries, but here are a few other gems that keep you healthy.

The Healing Qualities of a Walk in the Woods

It feels good to step into nature; science attempts to explain why via research on cardiovascular improvements, lowered blood pressure and elevated endorphin levels. But there is a mind body benefit that may be difficult to quantify, like improved creativity and concentration. Considering life’s stresses, what better way to cope than spending time and reflection among God’s creation?

Turning Cancer Loss into Healing Legacy

Laura Knoll processed her mother’s breast cancer battle and death in a way that empowers others: at 18, she co-founded the Helen Knoll Foundation to provide breast cancer education and screenings for women under the age of 40, a demographic comprising five percent of breast cancer cases each year. Health insurers typically don’t recommend testing until patients turn 40; Knoll’s mother, Helen, was diagnosed at 35. Laura saw a way to fill a need and took action.

As health ministers, how can we all take better care of ourselves and others?


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