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Take action on gun violence!

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Vinny DeMarco of Faiths United To Prevent Gun Violence gave two workshops at our conference in Baltimore recently. This is an important issue and as I reflect on Vinny's presentation, this is a good time to revisit the Episcopal Church's resolutions on guns and other information relating to this topic.

What does the Episcopal Church say about gun violence?

We have put together this document that includes the most recent Executive Council resolution, as well as relevant gun control resolutions from past conventions. NEHM uses official church policy as stated in these resolutions to determine positions of advocacy.

From Episcopal Public Policy Network:

  1. Tell Congress to Take Common Sense Steps to Challenge Our Culture of Violence
  2. Share the Presiding Bishop’s Testimony - Transforming Our Culture of Violence

From Faiths United To Prevent Gun Violence:

Take Action! Let your senator know where you stand!

Out of 100 members of the United States Senate, 55 voted for strong background checks legislation. Unfortunately, Senate rules require 60 votes. Use the form linked above to thank senators who stood with the 92% of the American people who support strong background checks AND/OR to send a note of persuasion to those who did not.

Take Action! Let your Representative know where you stand!

There is now a bipartisan bill in the House of Representatives requiring background checks on gun purchases. We have drafted template messages based on whether your representative is already a cosponsor, is likely to be a cosponsor, or needs some additional encouragement to support the legislation. All you have to do is provide your zip code and address to get started and then add a personal touch to your message.

Maryland Episcopal Bishop Eugene Sutton praises Maryland's new gun violence prevention law:

This law has a requirement that handgun purchasers first go through a fingerprint based background check and get a license from the State Police in order to purchase a handgun. Why is this provision important? Here is the answer.

See the full press release from Maryland here.

Additional resources for gun violence prevention can be found here.

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