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<h1><a href="/blog/the-magic-of-sharing">The Magic of Sharing</a></h1>
I have often found something magical happens when you sit down to share food with others. For the hosts, it is an act of gracious hospitality, an opportunity to provide one of the basic necessities of life and to share customs and traditions. As a guest in Kenya, I found it a true honor to be offered food and drink from the tables of those who often do not have enough to eat.
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<h1><a href="/blog/a-visit-to-the-village">A Visit to the Village</a></h1>
From Karen Ellis: Our trip to Kenya has been more fantastic than I could have ever imagined. Our group has met so many kind souls and been involved with such fulfilling projects. That makes it very difficult to pick just one event to share; however, here we go.
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<h1><a href="/blog/updates">Updates!</a></h1>
Updates on the conference, the NEHM office closing for much of January (Matt's going to Kenya), a much-anticipated website improvement, and the return of monthly health hints!