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Seasoning Lent: Week 3 - Finding Comfort

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<h1>Seasoning Lent: Week 3 - Finding Comfort</h1>

 From the Church Health Reader

True comfort comes from filling ourselves not with food but with God. And one way we can fill ourselves with God’s comfort is by practicing and developing a spiritual discipline – just like we are doing in this devotional. We are not always inclined toward discipline, but need to practice ways that we can fill ourselves with God’s comfort on a daily basis. Only by practicing our faith in tangible ways can we truly live into the comfort that comes only from God.

Therefore, our practice this week will focus on cooking a new kind of “comfort food.” Rather than relying on foods that make us feel stuffed, we will prepare and cook foods that are filling, foods that are made with nutritious elements and leave us feeling full and satisfied. One of the most common critiques of healthy foods is that they always leave us hungry and wanting more. But by eating more of certain foods we can feel full and satiated sooner and avoid eating on impulse. This type of food preparation is called “volumetrics” and was designed by Dr. Barbara Rolls. It is based on the idea that when we eat healthier foods, we can actually eat more food and feel full. This week we will explore how certain foods can bring us physical and emotional comfort, while remembering that true comfort begins and end with the practice of honoring God.

This week's recipes include: 

Cheesy Spinach Cakes are right up my alley! Let us know in the comments section if you make any of these recipes and how they turn out for you!