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Retirement Toolkit

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<h1>Retirement Toolkit</h1>

From Lifehacker.com:

It's scary that once we retire we're supposed to live decades—maybe even 40 years or so—without a paycheck. The Department of Labor, Social Security Admininistration, and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid want to help you plan for the kind of retirement you want.

This PDF "toolkit" offers a timeline for the changes you should prepare for as you get closer to retirement age. It also attempts to explain Medicare parts A, B, C, and D, and lists several other free publications to help you understand 401(k) fees, filing retirement benefit claims, Social Security benefits, and more.

This 8 page guide provides a wealth of information and is a terrific resource for discussing retirement planning with those at any age. If you have anxious parishioners, share this guide with them and encourage them to use the resources listed here. Peace of mind is an important contributor to overall health!

Download the Retirement Toolkit here.