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Rethink Your Drink for Summer

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<h1>Rethink Your Drink for Summer</h1>

I can remember when I was growing up it truly was a special treat to have a Coke. As soon as I had one, I would immediately begin scheming to get another one. What if I was extra good or helped out around the house? Would mom notice? Often, I would even point this out to her: "Why can't I have a Coke? I've been GOOD!"

Now, I'm amazed at how often kids I know drink soft drinks. Soft drinks are really unhealthy and we should be taking steps to educate our communities about the risks associated with soft drink consumption. Sodas are full of empty calories and packed with sugar or unhealthy additives.  

This summer, be conscious of your beverage choices. Choose water instead of soda every time. Here are two great resources:

  1. Rethink Your Drink Campaign

  2. 10 Tips: Make Better Beverage Choices (excellent for use as a Backdoor Reading)

  3. Kick The Can: Giving the Boot to Sugary Drinks