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Prayers for the Gulf Coast

submitted June 24, 2010 by Matthew Ellis   |   comments
<h1>Prayers for the Gulf Coast</h1>

It's easy to become overwhelmed by the constant news coverage of the oil crisis in the Gulf. Personally, I really do care about the people and environment affected there but I feel like once I've seen five minutes of coverage, I've learned all I'm going to learn from traditional media sources. This is not because there are not worthwhile stories or unique perspectives on the crisis. Instead, it seems nearly all media are content to fill even their 24 hour news channels with the same five minutes of repetition (or commentary on what was repeated). 

Even more frustrating, many news outlets now repeat what people are writing on the station's Facebook page or Twitter feed. While I appreciate that the opinion of 'mrchad242 from Nebraska' is highly valued, I'm just not sure what "BP SHOULD PAY!!!" really contributes to the national conversation.  

By way of contrast, the Episcopal Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast has set up a few simple webpages that link to relevant, often local resources. These include news, multimedia, daily situation updates, blogs/websites, state resources, and BP information. Also included are notes from Bishop Duncan, comments from the Presiding Bishop, and prayer resources from the Eco-Justice Office of the National Council of Churches. In addition, there are additional prayers from the Episcopal Church, some written specifically for this crisis. 

I'm glad to see the diocese providing these valuable resources. The links include raw data that often tells the story or provides more information than many of the news outlets currently covering this disaster.

Please keep those affected by the disaster in the Gulf in your prayers. The Episcopal Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast has these excellent resources to help you stay informed:

Please feel free to share additional worthwhile resources in the comments section.

Matthew Ellis serves as executive director of National Episcopal Health Ministries.