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Top 10 New Resources from Let's Move! (and Michelle Obama's Top 10 Fun Facts About Gardening)

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<h1>Top 10 New Resources from Let's Move! (and Michelle Obama's Top 10 Fun Facts About Gardening)</h1>

NEHM's Top 10 Resources from Let's Move!

I think you will be excited to see these resources! I would like to especially call your attention to #2, #3, and #4 below. These are excellent resources, easy to use, and in exactly the right format for health ministries of all abilities. #3 is an excellent complement to our Backdoor Reading series, while #4 is a complete set of workshops, including activities and handouts. Please let me know your experience when using them and I will provide feedback to the Let's Move! campaign. 

  1. Register your congregation with the First Lady’s Let’s Move initiative! Visit http://www.letsmove.gov/join-lets-move-faith-communities to become a Let’s Move Faith and Communities supporter! You’ll receive updates, news, be invited to participate in calls and webinars, have opportunities to share your story, get info about grant opportunities and more!

  2. Please read our MyPlate Community Toolkit for talking points and sound lifestyle guidance on healthy eating, active living, and weight management.

  3. ChooseMyPlate.gov has a terrific set of printable resources. The 10 Tips Nutrition Education Series is a wonderful complement to the Backdoor Readings offered on our site. 

  4. Eat Healthy Be Active Community Workshops curriculum, which compiles all of the agency expertise and federal guidelines on physical activity and diet into a single series of six one-hour workshops. These workshops also include a Certificate of Completion, which I heard in our meeting is a powerful incentive for people working to make positive changes. 

  5. The First Lady's staff has requested sermons, speeches, or articles that articulate the powerful connection between faith and lifestyle. Please email them to Matthew Ellis and he will forward them on to our contact there.

  6. Participate in Together We Can: Webinar for Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships (Next one is Wednesday, June 20 at 2 pm EDT)

  7. Participate in the Summer Food Service Program

  8. Download the Let’s Move Faith and Communities bullet insert to share with your congregation and community.

  9. Consider starting a community garden at your parish.

  10. Share the Let's Move Faith and Communities Toolkit with your health ministry cabinet or clergy.

Top 10 Fun Facts About Gardening

If you missed Michelle Obama giving the Top 10 List on David Letterman, it is a lot of fun. Don't miss #1 (although #7 is actually my favorite). 

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