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New Release: Red Cross Volunteer App!

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<h1>New Release: Red Cross Volunteer App!</h1>

This is a perfect example of why we are using our new social media platform, Prismatic. It helps us find stories from around the web that we may have overlooked, despite our best efforts. For instance, this morning we found a new app from the Red Cross making it easier to volunteer with them in times of need. Read more about it below. 

We also put the link to this Red Cross app in our Media section, which highlights interesting blogs and social media related to health and wellness. If you haven't browsed there yet, you should check it out now. There are some fun and interesting links there.

Team Red Cross wants you! Join Team Red Cross to help provide care and comfort to your local community when the unthinkable occurs.

Each year, more than one million Americans volunteer with the Red Cross. These volunteers assist victims of fires, floods, storms, and other disasters. The more severe the disaster, the more volunteers we need--sometimes at a moment’s notice.

Everyone has something special to offer...including you. Team Red Cross is looking for people with various backgrounds, talents, and skill levels. Make a difference, support your community and join Team Red Cross!


  • Be available to help with disaster assessment, feeding, bulk distribution, in a shelter or other important work to help those in need.
  • Get “briefed” on volunteer jobs via simple steps, short videos and quizzes—before you ever show up to help.
  • Receive and respond to notifications for volunteer jobs based on your location
  • Share volunteer opportunities with friends in your social network
  • Earn digital “badges” for a variety of activities (accepting a job, completing a job, sharing the app, recruiting volunteers, etc.)and share them with your social network!
  • Get connected with other Team Red Cross members and view their Red Cross activities
  • Send valuable recovery information to those who need it right from the app

Team Red Cross Volunteer App

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