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New Interfaith Suicide Resource - Your Life Matters!

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<h1>New Interfaith Suicide Resource - Your Life Matters!</h1>

We just learned of a new program to help faith communities address suicide and address suicidal behaviours. Your Life Matters!, an initiative of the Faith Communities Task Force of the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention, asks all faith communities to devote one sabbath a year to the issue of suicide.

“Most faith communities share common core characteristics that, by their nature, help prevent suicides,” said Rev. Talitha Arnold, Executive Committee member of the Action Alliance and co-lead of the Faith Communities Task Force, which is responsible for developing the campaign. “Faith communities are most powerful when they promote hope; build healthy social connections; and provide answers to life’s challenging questions. Faith communities also recognize and celebrate the myriad reasons for living and the God-given value of each member in the community, whether young or old, weak or strong, healthy or infirmed.” Rev. Arnold also pastors a congregation in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The Your Life Matters! website provides resources where faith leaders can find the information and resources they need for a successful local event. The committee has assembled communications aids, worship and spiritual resources suitable for each of the major faith traditions in the U.S., and a compendium of other resources to assist faith communities in promoting mental and spiritual health, reducing suicide risk, and if tragedy strikes, supporting the needs of family and friends after a suicide event.


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