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NEHM is becoming Episcopal Health Ministries!

submitted December 16, 2013 by Matthew Ellis   |   comments

Our organization has been known as National Episcopal Health Ministries (NEHM) for nearly two decades. This past October, our board of directors voted unanimously to become known as Episcopal Health Ministries. We've alerted you to this change in previous emails but thought it warranted a longer explanation. 

The Episcopal Church serves nine provinces throughout the world. Some of those who identify with the Episcopal Church outside of the United States include Haiti, the Virgin Islands, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador and more. The Episcopal Church is careful to be inclusive of these members outside of the United States. 

Likewise, Episcopal Health Ministries serves the Episcopal Church, including those members outside of the United States. However, the word 'National' implies that we serve only the US. To say that we serve those outside the US is not simply a statement of policy. We have explored projects in Haiti and worked with the Anglican Health Network. Volunteers in our network often participate in international ministry, including my own work in Kenya.

In addition, our website is visited by many people from around the world, providing them resources and ideas that are then adapted to their local communities. Our conference last year even attracted a participant from the Virgin Islands.

It is important in our work with the Episcopal Church that we are seen as a full and vibrant partner. More than once we have been asked by church staff about the inclusion of 'National' in our name and whether that meant we serve only the US. 

To clarify our organization's role in supporting the entirety of the Episcopal Church, we have decided to stop using 'National'. From this point forward, we will be known as Episcopal Health Ministries. We are working now on new logos and updating our materials. As you know, we are a very small staff so this will be done gradually in the coming weeks for the items with high visibility and as soon as possible thereafter for remaining items. 

Please know that we remain committed to improving physical, mental and spiritual health in our communities, wherever they may be. We are grateful to share this ministry with you. Have a blessed Advent!