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Mila's Daydreams

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 One of the real joys of the internet is being exposed to new thoughts and ideas. I find this particularly exciting, as I'm one of the least creative people on the planet. That said, my lack of personal ability only enhances my appreciation of others with talent. In the case of Adele, I am simply in awe. 

The idea for Mila's Daydreams is simple: While Adele's daughter Mila naps, she imagines what Mila is dreaming and tries to bring it to life. 


In an interview with Offbeat Mama, Adele said "Once Mila fell asleep at the floor and my husband placed conductors baton on her hand. She looked like little fencer. So I got idea from my hubby. Next day I when she fell a sleep, I built a little forest set with a pillows and blankets over our living room rug and gently carried her to the middle of it, and snapped quick photos."

Her SuperPinkiness

I'm usually fairly immune to the latest round of cuteness on the internet. Dogs being silly, cats playing pianos, children eating birthday cake... little of it seems to stick beyond a momentary amusement. Something about the creativity of this just really makes me feel happy. I think a big part of it is the fact that Mila is completely oblivious to these dreamworlds being created for her, but when she gets older she's going to have some of the most amazing photos of herself.

Surfer Girl

So how does this relate to health ministry? Well, I suppose mostly it doesn't, except that it's pretty awesome and might make you smile a bit as you look through the pictures. Visit Mila's Daydreams to see the entire collection!

Matthew Ellis serves as executive director of National Episcopal Health Ministries.

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