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Medicaid Expansion and the Spiritual Side of Health Care: An Interview with Matthew Ellis

submitted February 17, 2014 by Matthew Ellis   |   comments

As a member of the 2014 Faith and Reproductive Justice Leadership Institute, I have committed to bringing an Episcopal voice to the issues of reproductive justice. I recently wrote about our decision to join the Leadership Institute. One of my first actions as a member of the Leadership Institute is an interview with Sally Steenland of the Center for American Progress.

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They [those not eligible for Medicaid] really have fallen through the cracks. Why do you think faith voices are important in this debate?

ME: Faith voices are powerful, and I’d like to highlight a success. In Ohio, they passed Medicaid expansion—with a Republican governor—and in large part it was the faith community that helped push that. There was a united call from various leaders—a call that two of the Episcopal bishops supported. Bishop Thomas E. Breidenthal and Bishop Mark Hollingsworth both wrote on behalf of Medicaid expansion. Greater Cleveland Congregations, which is an organization of many faith groups, came together and supported Medicaid expansion. It mobilized its membership to let its legislators know this was important and that they saw it as a moral issue. So that is one major success in which the faith community played a significant role.