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NEHM's Website: Lots of NEW Resources and Features!

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<h1>NEHM's Website: Lots of NEW Resources and Features!</h1>

We are really excited to unveil NEHM's new website today! While we like the basic design, we also know there are lots of improvements to be made. For one, the Resources section has been a mess for some time. Not any more, though. I'm confident you are going to love the way this section is organized now. We have worked hard to address to make it much more searchable but also a lot of fun to browse. 

So What's New?


  1. Pretty much everything here is new. We have worked hard to think through how people access this information (or would like to) and have reimagined how this whole section works. 
  2. Categories: These are broad sections that help you narrow down your selection by the type of resource.
  3. Tags: Click on the blue link for Tags and you will see a list of all the tags used for resources. Each resource has at least one tag and most have multiple tags. Click on a tag will pull up all resources that have been labeled with that tag. In the left menu, a larger font size indicates more resources use that tag. 
  4. Search for Resources: On the left menu under 'Submit a Resource' there is a search box. Entering a keyword will search just the Resources section of the website. 
  5. New logos for resources and information should help you quickly identify organizations and make the site easier to use.
  6. Media: This section features links to Episcopal blogs and media outlets, as well as other health-related blogs.

Blog/Events Links

  1. Click on an individual event, such as the National Week of Prayer for the Healing of AIDS. In the left menu, you will now see blog posts and resources related to HIV/AIDS.
  2. We have the ability to add links of this nature throughout the site. In fact, look to the left and you will see past blog entries relating to website updates! 

Other Changes

  1. The content management system has received a major upgrade to version 3.0. While we don't expect you to notice major differences, it will be a tremendous help to us as we continue to manage the site, add new information, etc. on an ongoing basis.
  2. In general, we hope the rest of the site will work the way you would expect., although you may notice some buttons or sections have been moved around some to accommodate the new behind-the-scenes structure. 

Be sure to comment here on the blog or on our Facebook page and let us know what you think! Also, make sure you share the news with others!

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