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The First Lady Launches Let's Move! Toolkit for Faith Communities

submitted January 14, 2011 by Brooke Curtis   |   comments
<h1>The First Lady Launches Let's Move! Toolkit for Faith Communities</h1>

The New Year has everyone focusing on health and First Lady Michelle Obama is no exception. She has set out to do something much larger than my personal goal of working out five days a week with her initiative to solve the challenge of childhood obesity with a program called “Let’s Move!”  In a recent blog post, Joshua DuBois, the Executive Director of the Center for Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships, stated that “the First Lady emphasized the critical role that faith-based and neighborhood leaders play in ending childhood obesity in their communities. She also recognized that many faith and community organizations have been leading the way, whether through innovative health ministries or summer nutrition programs.”

The First Lady has even provided a Toolkit for Faith Communities with helpful tips and creative ways to promote healthy eating and fitness within your community or congregation.The toolkit is based on the four pillars of Let's Move!:

  1. Healthy Choices
  2. Healthy Schools
  3. Physical Activity
  4. Affordable and Accessible Food

The first step has been taken, so now the question is, are you up for the challenge? If so, please read DuBois’ blog post to see the commitments that others have made, and also email partnerships@hhs.gov or collaborate@usda.gov with your goals and ideas. So, “Let’s Move!” to fight childhood obesity!

Brooke Curtis is currently a sophomore attending DePauw University with an intended biology major. She is serving as an intern for NEHM in January 2011.