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Join me in the #NotOneMore campaign!

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<h1>Join me in the #NotOneMore campaign!</h1>

"Is there anyone who disagrees that gun violence is a public health issue?" 

I asked this of an admittedly friendly audience in my workshop for the Episcopal Health Ministries conference in New Orleans last month. No one felt they needed further justification to include this issue in their health ministry. 

As Christians, we are charged to give voice to those among us who are vulnerable, grieving or marginalized. -The Rev. Nicole Janelle, St. Michael's Episcopal Church, Isla Vista, CA

Indeed, EHM has been working to provide the Episcopal Church with resources on violence prevention and intervention for some time now. I was a presenter during a panel discussion at the recent 'Reclaiming the Gospel of Peace' conference in Oklahoma City. A few weeks later, I spoke alongside victims of gun violence, including parents of children killed in Columbine and Newtown, at the Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America press conference, held as a response to the NRA Convention held in Indianapolis that same week. 

Call to Action

Now I call on Episcopalians to join me in the #NotOneMore campaign:

"Today, I’m going to ask every person I can find to send a postcard to every politician they can think of with three words on it: Not One More." -Richard Martinez, whose son was killed in the Santa Barbara shootings

I just sent a Not One More postcard to my elected leaders. Join me and send one today.

Other suggestions for action:

  1. Taizé Prayer for Peace: In the wake the most recent shooting tragedy, members of the Church of the Beatitudes are bringing "Taizé Prayer for Peace" to Isla Vista, CA. This one-hour service will incorporate simple participatory chants, silent meditation, scripture and candlelight. The monastic Taizé Community in eastern France has long been a pilgrimage site for young adults dedicated to peace, justice and reconciliation. Join us from 8-9pm on Wednesday for an hour of community healing and prayer in our chapel. Consider holding something similar in your community.
  2. Include worship resources from Episcopal Peace Fellowship in your services.
  3. The voices of the faith community are critically important in these discussions. Seek out ways to make your voice heard!

Matthew Ellis is the CEO of Episcopal Health Ministries.