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Improvements Coming to Healthcare.gov

submitted October 24, 2013 by Matthew Ellis   |   comments

Remember when I warned you that the cake that is Healthcare.gov was going to taste awful at first (and be late)? Well, I wish I could say I was wrong but I can't; everything is pretty much running as I expected (unfortunately).

Good news! My further expectations are also being met, that being an "all hands on deck" approach to fixing the problems 'well enough' in the short-term, while also creating long-term fixes behind the scenes. In short order, we should see marked improvements in the system very soon. It's much easier to fix something that isn't perfect than to create something from nothing.

So, that brings us to this announcement from Secretary Sebellius:

[T]oday, we wanted to share an infographic that provides a snapshot of where we are—including technical issues we’re addressing and solutions that our team is putting into place to improve the consumer experience on HealthCare.gov.

We are committed to continuing to update you on our progress as we improve the site. As always, your feedback is critical to this process. Please feel free to submit comments about your experience, either complimentary or critical, at https://www.healthcare.gov/connect/.

Hopefully, you followed our advice and did not schedule your ACA information night on October 1, expecting to access the website in a group setting. The Affordable Care Act is already working in many ways. The Marketplace will get straightened out. We'll continue to update you about major news and updates. 

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