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I Found My Way to 10,000 Steps

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<h1>I Found My Way to 10,000 Steps</h1>

As I mentioned previously, I have recently joined the Fitbit craze (join us at Episcopal Fitbit). A Fitbit is basically a supercharged pedometer that will allow you to track your data over time. 

One thing I quickly noticed is I spend even more of my day sitting than I thought. It's not unusual for me to have to make an effort to get to 3000 steps, let alone the recommended 10,000. This week, I discovered the motivation I might need to get my steps in regularly: my favorite corner in Indianapolis, 54th and College.

A great little neighborhood just south of the main Broad Ripple shopping district, this intersection has become my ideal hang-out spot. On one corner is the Jazz Kitchen and Yats, a cajun creole place. If I could take a visitor to only one restaurant in Indy, it would be Yats

Also at this intersection is my favorite restaurant (Moe and Johnny's), a coffeeshop, a falafel/gyro place, Twenty Tap restaurant, Fat Dan's Deli, a frozen yogurt place, and a Fresh Market grocery. A mere two blocks south is my favorite music store, Luna. 

Each of these places are local, friendly and perfect for relaxing on a nice summer day. Several of them have outdoor patios and staff that are friendly without being overbearing. Once they see you a few times, they drop the formality. Some even greet you with a hug!

So how does this street corner figure into my exercise routine? By some miracle of the universe, my front door is almost exactly 5000 steps to this intersection. This means that a beautiful walk through the neighborhoods to the Monon Trail and over to 54th and back is the perfect route for me to achieve my daily steps. 

This regular walk also makes me feel a lot better about indulging in some chili cheese crawfish etoufee from Yats or a brisket sandwich from Fat Dan's. Getting exercise has never been so rewarding!

Where is your favorite place to walk?