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Helpful Gear for Any Emergency (via The Sweethome)

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As we said yesterday, tornado season in the Midwest has us thinking about disaster preparedness. The Sweethome has put together a helpful list of gear for any emergency. This and its sister site, The Wirecutter, are two of my absolute favorite websites. They do in-depth reviews on a wide variety of products for the home (The Sweethome) or gadgets (The Wirecutter). They are now the first place I look for product recommendations.

Many of the products in this guide will seem like overkill to many. For others, you will know of a similar product that better meets your needs or that you already own. The value in lists like these is not as a shopping list but as a starting point for you to evaluate the kinds of emergency items you are most likely to use in a time of need. For instance, a solar gadget charger seems unnecessary until you are on day 3 without electricity and realize how dependent you are on a cell phone, as many of my friends affected by the tornado this week are now. 

Solar Charger: Luxury item or critical necessity?

Anything missing from The Sweethome's list? What are the unusual items here that you think are critical? Let us know in the comments!

The Sweethome
The Wirecutter