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Health Ministry as Outreach

submitted August 06, 2010 by Matthew Ellis   |   comments
<h1>Health Ministry as Outreach</h1>

I've long maintained that an active health ministry program focuses as an additional source of community outreach. This anecdote was spotted in the St. Luke's July newsletter:

St. Luke's Prescott (AZ) caught my attention when we visited because there was an invitation to have your blood pressure taken before entering the sanctuary. In an irreverent moment I asked what happens in their church that having one's blood pressure taken was suggested. The greeter in a moment of inspiration said, “come in and see for yourself.” In these days of hypersensitivity to social and political activities inside and outside our churches it was refreshing to be invited in for the Lord to show us the way to excitement about our faith.

Do you have any funny/inspirational anecdotes about health ministry as outreach? Share your story with us in the comments section!

Matthew Ellis serves as executive director of National Episcopal Health Ministries.