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Health Ministers: Share Music, Costs and Information to Help Healing

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<h1>Health Ministers: Share Music, Costs and Information to Help Healing</h1>

Each week, we’ll share interesting health and healing-related stories in the news. Following is a round up of articles about physical, emotional and spiritual health and healing that could be applied to health ministries.

Group brings healing power of music to hospitals across the United States

In six cities nationwide, musicians are awaiting their next gig: in health care facilities. Musicians on Call are bringing music into hospitals across the country, to lift spirits. But the performances also lower blood pressure, stress and improve pain control and overall morale. The program uses local talent and occasional celebrities, but why not start a group among the congregation or community?

Health Care Sharing Ministries Set to Grow Under Obamacare

Healthcare sharing ministries are emerging as an option to make healthcare affordable. Find out how three organizations have developed a way to share costs, derived from Acts 2: 42-47, “which talks about how the Christians came together to take care of everyone’s needs.”

Six Health Problems Linked to Lack of Sleep

Not getting enough sleep each night leaves you with more than just grogginess the next day: it increases the risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes and insulin resistance and breast cancer. At least seven hours of sleep each night is recommended.

Need to remember something? Go for a quick walk or run. A six-minute burst of exercise can help enhance memory formation.

It only takes six minutes to boost memory, according to The Cleveland Clinic. Visit its website for daily wellness tips as well as healthy recipes.

Resource: The Episcopal Diocese of West Missouri Youth Ministries

This website has a series of resources related to youth ministry, including crisis and suicide hotline information, devotions and support on topics like priorities and forgiveness and expressive mediums like music and poetry.

Roseanne Cash Records Song to Benefit HIV/AIDS Outreach

In support of St. Luke’s The People Living With AIDS project, Grammy award-winning singer and songwriter Roseanne Cash is releasing a track, Jim and George, for download.


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