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Health Ministers: Coping With Crisis

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<h1>Health Ministers: Coping With Crisis</h1>

Each week, we’ll share interesting health and healing-related stories in the news. Following is a round up of articles about physical, emotional and spiritual health and healing that could be applied to health ministries.

Boston: Parish Connection to Wider Church During Crisis

The Rev. Amy McCreath of Church of the Good Shepherd in Watertown, Mass., recounts her feelings and the messages of support that poured in as events unfolded following the Boston bombing last week.

In times of crisis, we all have the power to lift up and support others—sometimes in ways we don’t realize. Read how clergy, congregations and community expressed support and prayer for those affected.

Texas: Explosion Leaves Episcopalians Dazed But Ready to Help

When something traumatic happens in a community, it may not always be clear how you can be most helpful. Following last week’s tragedy in Texas, the Diocese of Texas is organizing people and resources to serve. Stay connected to the diocese as information becomes available about immediate needs.

Healing Emotional and Psychological Trauma

A crisis doesn’t have to happen in your own community for its members to be affected, and any situation that produces stressful, overwhelmed feelings can be deemed traumatic. It’s the “subjective emotional experience of the event” that renders an event traumatic.

Health ministers can provide tremendous relief for those experiencing emotional and psychological trauma. Visit helpguide.org for information, resources and support in organizing offerings for your health ministry and Psychology Today for step-by-step breakdown of the recovery process.

Hospital Chaplains Offer Comfort During Distress

Sometimes you can be of comfort to others just by standing in your faith. James Hilleson, director of pastoral care and chaplaincy services at IU Health BMH, explains why your belief provides consolation.

Seek Comfort From the Source

Maintain your strength and focus by recharging; here are 20 Bible verses to help comfort.

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