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Health and Healing Highlights: Give a Hand, Make a Difference

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<h1>Health and Healing Highlights: Give a Hand, Make a Difference  </h1>

Each week, we’ll share interesting health and healing-related stories in the news. Following is a round up of articles about physical, emotional and spiritual health and healing that could be applied to health ministries.

Healing Hands for Arthritis

September 19 marks a national event to raise money and awareness about arthritis: Healing Hands for Arthritis; it’s an opportunity to explore how your health ministry can serve those affected in your congregation and community.

Supporting the Arthritis Foundation’s mission to prevent, control and cure arthritis, Massage Envy will give the foundation $10 for every one-hour massage or facial performed; its partner, Murad, will contribute 10 percent of products sold at Massage Envy to the foundation.

Massage is just one activity that provides relief from arthritis pain. The Arthritis Foundation has a number of events your health ministry may take part in, along with programs and ideas you can apply to your ministry.

Episcopal Disability Network

The Episcopal Disability Network helps congregations adhere to accessibility requirements and provides comprehensive resources for health ministries. The new website was launched just prior to this year’s General Convention; you’ll find a range of materials and suggestions there, including large print and braille versions of prayer books, hymnals, devotionals and books on tape.

Contact The Rev. Barbara Ramnaraine for information about the network. If you’d like to contribute information for the website, please contact Twila Smith.

FISH to Open Free Health Clinic

Monroe, Georgia-based Faith in Serving Humanity (FISH) is stepping in to fill the void left when its predecessor, Healing Angels Medical Clinic, was forced to close earlier this year. Providing care and access to treatment is a move many see critical as the costs of healthcare and state of the economy made it difficult for patients to afford treatment.

Patients receive free care, but in exchange they are asked to perform three hours of community service per each office visit. It’s an active partnership that serves the community in a well-rounded way.

How might this model work in your community?

With God All Things Are Possible, Even Weight Loss

A nurse, chef and priest...it sounds like the opening of a joke, but you’re more likely to applaud—rather than laugh—at the results achieved by these men from Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida. They brought the Bible into the weight loss process with Weight For GOD! Created for men, the program plays off of natural competitiveness, spirituality, sense of humor and tendency to “(mis)behave.” Six teams from local churches joined forces, learned a lot, had a great time and slimmed down: 30 men lost 650 pounds in 12 weeks!

Weight for GOD! wants to share this program with churches. Contact Fr. Rob Goodridge at fr.rob@stgabs.org to get the program off the ground in your community.

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