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Health and Healing Highlights

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Each week, we’ll share interesting health and healing-related stories in the news. Following is a round up of articles about physical, emotional and spiritual health and healing.

Pastoral Letter From Bishop O’Neill Regarding Aurora Shootings
Bishop O’Neill reached out to the Aurora community earlier this week; his words provide comfort and a call for something we can all do to aid collective healing: pray.

When Food Causes You Pain
The food we eat can dramatically help or harm us--our digestive system houses 70 percent of the immune cells in our bodies! You have the power to heal illness just by reducing inflammation. CNN Health explains how.

Honey Helps Wounds Heal
Honey does more than add a little sweetness to tea. It helps wounds heal! Here’s how.

10 Miracle Healing Powers of Grapes
The health benefits of grapes can be traced back to a substance called resveratrol, found in red and purple grapes. Here’s how it improves your health.

Ohio Healing Garden Welcomes Patients, Public
Seidman Cancer Center, on the main campus of University Hospitals of Cleveland, has set up a healing garden, much to the delight of patients--and the community. Here's how the idea grew.

What kind of topics are you most interested in? We’ll work on finding information you can apply in your congregations and health ministries. Have a great week!



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