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Health and Happiness for the New Year

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<h1>Health and Happiness for the New Year</h1>

Each week, we’ll share interesting health and healing-related stories in the news. Following is a round up of articles about physical, emotional and spiritual health and healing that could be applied to health ministries.

Faith and Fitness: A New Year of Wellness for Body, Mind and Spirit

Like many others, I hit the gym on New Year’s Day, eager to start anew and get back on track in my diet and exercise routines. But there’s another routine we have the opportunity to strengthen: our spiritual routines. Find out how others are using their exercise time for spiritual growth.

January is:

How can you use this information in health ministry? Each national organization’s website contains information and advice, but there are endless possibilities. Start simple, with a bulletin board highlighting healthy tips or little-known facts. Most ministries find their niche, and activities to pursue, by reaching out in parishes and communities and asking: what resources are available and/or needed? What talents exist in the parish? This exercise of exploring could lead to some exciting, productive ideas and volunteers ready to help.

Children: After-School Smiles

It’s not just a time of new beginnings for adults, children can also be positively stimulated by new possibilities: consider extracurricular activities, which can build confidence, stimulate learning and encourage healthy competition and teamwork. Kids HealthLine website offers ideas and advises things to consider.

Flu Cases on the Rise, Public Concern

This year’s dominant strain, H3N2, has been singled out as the source of the flu’s more virulent symptoms: fever, coughing, respiratory distress and complications leading to pneumonia and bacterial infections. We have yet to reach the peak of flu season, typically occurring in February, so advocating/providing immunizations and basic flu prevention is still critical—especially among children and the elderly.

Next week, we'll share one health minister's story, how her ministry developed, challenges she overcame and advice--and faith--that sustained her. 


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