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Happy Thanksgiving!

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<h1>Happy Thanksgiving!</h1>

The holidays are upon us, and nothing seems to threaten healthy habits more than Thanksgiving. But by having a plan for the day, sneaking in healthier recipe substitutes and focusing on ways to help others, you can make Thanksgiving a healthier and happier experience.

Weight Watchers to the rescue!

I have to admit, I’ve been worried about the big day: I’ve lost 15 lbs during the past few months, and I don’t want to derail my success. So I’m sharing Weight Watchers’ Thanksgiving strategies: a cheat sheet and a sample menu for the day. There are great suggestions here, which will help you keep your blood sugar steady and prevent overdoing it.

Four Ways to Use Pumpkin as a Healing Superfood

As a die-hard pumpkin lover, I was really excited to hear that it is quite the superfood. Pumpkin protects vision, benefits skin, helps detox, facilitates weight loss and boosts serotonin, which helps you feel good. Makes that piece of pumpkin pie worthwhile! But there are numerous pumpkin recipes out there--look for ways to use pumpkin to reduce fat in recipes.

Volunteer to Help During Thanksgiving

WikiHow.com has created a step-by-step instruction on different ways to help others during the holidays, things you’ll need, tips, what to consider. It’s a great guide that explores helping in soup kitchens, delivering meals, visiting people in need, fundraising and taking on Thanksgiving dinner for your friends and family.

Thanksgiving Prayer

During the bustle of this time, I appreciated the reminder to give thanks. It’s keeping me centered, hopefully it will do the same for you.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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