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Happy Healthy Halloween!

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<h1>Happy Healthy Halloween!</h1>

Halloween can be a scary time, especially if you're striving to stay on a healthy track. We've collected some great ideas from Time, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Real Simple to help you emphasize fun—healthy choices.  

5 Tips for a Healthy Halloween
With obesity and cavities on the rise among children, Halloween can be a tricky season. But the American Dental Association has a plan to Stop Zombie Mouth focusing on fun instead of sugary treats. Other ideas include eating a healthy meal before trick-or-treating, giving healthier treats, incorporating exercise into the night, keeping only the favorite treats and giving away the rest--another fun exercise.

Halloween the Healthy Way
When you think of Halloween, costumes and chocolate may be your first thoughts, but there are other factors at play. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will show you how to stay warm, stay safe and stave off the flu.

Which Halloween Candy is Healthier?
Real Simple lays out a Halloween Candy Challenge. This is a fun game: see nutritionists’ picks when popular candies are pitted against each other. Guess which is the healthier choice? 

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!


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