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H1N1 Resources

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<h1>H1N1 Resources</h1>

A new H1N1 Flu Guide for Community and Faith-Based Organizations has been released by the Department of Health and Human Services. There's a lot of good information here, although it seems more geared to community organizations than churches.

The Episcopal Church Medical Trust has also released a recent statement on H1N1 and we've placed links to other H1N1 resources more prominently in our Resources section.

Whatever you do, don't wait until after it hits to start planning your response to the pandemic flu. How will your church cope if 'social distancing' mandates become necessary?

  • Will you make sermons available via podcast?
  • Utilize electronic newsletters to increase communication?
  • Have a phone tree system to check on members and communicate information?

If one or more of your ministries experience a sudden increase in demand, how will you manage these requests?