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Newtown, CT: Resources for Congregations

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<h1>Newtown, CT: Resources for Congregations</h1>

Resources for Discussion: Gun Violence Prevention

From The Episcopal Church:
Deal mercifully, dear Lord, with those who are so broken that violence is the only answer they see.
We who wait for the Prince of Peace offer our prayers for the victims of violence everywhere.

(Adapted from Episcopal Peace Fellowship, “Gift of Shalom,”)
Gracious God,

Inspire us with the hope in the gift of shalom the gift of wholeness and the promise of your presence. Give us wisdom to seek nonviolence as an answer to the violence of our lives and world.

Give us courage to seek wholeness in a fractured and divided world, to find reconciliation rather than revenge, to
abandon the instruments of violence and death and entrust our lives, our homes and our families to you.

May your presence fill us and others with the thirst for unity, wholeness, and the desire to see all people valued as created in your image. My we and other receive your shalom, that we might be faithful instruments of your love.

Blessed be your name forever.