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<h1>GO COLTS!!!</h1>

Remember: Eat healthy snacks during your Super Bowl gathering.

I've tried to think of some way to justify writing about the Indianapolis Colts in this space. The above sentence is a good reminder, but really I just want to show support for the Indianapolis Colts. It's not every day your team makes the Super Bowl (just ask Saints fans how long they've been waiting). There are so few events anymore that unite communities across all lines and right or wrong, sports remains one of them. Certainly all of Indianapolis is Colts crazy right now, and I'm sure New Orleans is abuzz about their Saints as well.

Some of the NEHM folks in New Orleans have been kind enough to send me jokes about the Colts, pictures of Saints logos, and all variations of 'Geaux Saints!' I surely hope Saints fans have enjoyed the two weeks' worth of dreams leading up to Super Bowl 44 because the actual game is going to be a nightmare for them.

Indianapolis is in the midst of a real blizzard right now, but all will be well when we are warmed by another Super Bowl victory. Sorry Saints fan, the Colts are just too good right now.

Go Colts!!!