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Get Real, Get Fit!

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<h1>Get Real, Get Fit!</h1>

Before you jump into trying to live a healthier lifestyle, start by preparing yourself mentally. Get real, and recognize that you cannot just achieve everything in a day because it will only set you up for a quick failure when things get hard. Too many people set unattainable health goals like wanting to go from inactivity and a McDonald’s diet to working out five days a week with completely healthy eating habits. Be realistic! It doesn’t work this way.

Start by setting a long-term goal, and then set weekly small goals that will point you in the direction to achieve the long-term goal, and write these goals down some place that is visible to you every day. For example, if I want to reach the point where I’m working out five days a week for an hour and only eating organic foods, then I would probably want to start off slowly with working out three times a week for twenty minutes and eating a salad each day. Know that every little bit counts! It may not seem like a lot at first, but the last thing that you want to do is to overwhelm yourself by trying to do everything at once. Being overwhelmed and frustrated is what causes people to give up, and associate living a healthy lifestyle with something that is hard and stressful when it isn’t.

You can do it! Here are some tips for healthy eating habits. Remember that a healthy lifestyle is realistic when you are realistic with yourself.

Brooke Curtis is currently a sophomore attending DePauw University with an intended biology major. She is serving as an intern for NEHM in January 2011.