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Friday Roundup: Read This

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Each week, we highlight stories from our newsfeed on Prismatic. No account is required to see what we think is worth reading, so visit our profile often! We update it daily so there is usually something new to check out. Here is a sample of what we liked this week:

Addiction and the Church via Christ and Pop Culture
The Christian life involves a lot of balance. On the one hand we are free to drink. On the other hand we are responsible for one another. The church’s relationship to alcohol, then, should consider both of these truths. Two questions can help us shape carefully that relationship. First, we need to ask “is it a sin.” Secondly, we need to ask “how will this affect my brothers and sisters.” A healthy balance can be struck as we seek to answer these questions both Biblically and contextually.

16 Camping and Life Hacks from 1911 via the Art of Manliness
Editor’s note: In 1911, the first edition of Boys’ Life magazine was published. The first several issues included a short-lived section called “Things All Scouts Should Know,” which featured short, practical tips for boys at home and out camping. Below is a collection of my favorites; some are actually practical and handy, others just fun and interesting, and all are enjoyable to read.

You Ask, We Answer: More Of Your Questions About The Affordable Care Act via NPR
Today we're answering questions regarding two of the more frequent topics raised: student health plans and possible penalties for failing to obtain health insurance.

Clever Ways to Get Some Exercise at the Office (or Any Small Space) via Lifehacker
It's important to get regular exercise, even if it's a little activity here and there. Still, not all of us have access to (or money for) a gym membership, and many of us already work long hours that make it difficult to get out for a run or jog. Here are some clever ways to get a little activity in anywhere you happen to be, like your cubicle.

Kids Involved in Bullying Grow Up To Be Poorer, Sicker Adults via NPR
Bullied children and kids who bully others have more health problems when they grow up than kids who aren't part of the bullying cycle, a study finds. They're also more likely to have financial problems, including difficulty keeping a job.

Nurses Share Life-Affirming Stories For The American Nurse Project via Huffington Post
For The American Nurse Project, filmmaker Carolyn Jones set out to interview and photograph nurses around the country about their work, and ended up having broader conversations about life, death and things that matter to all of us.

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