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Friday Roundup: Read This

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Each week, we highlight stories from our newsfeed on Prismatic. No account is required to see what we think is worth reading, so visit our profile often! We update it daily so there is usually something new to check out. Here is a sample of what we liked this week:

Four Tricks to Help You Make Any Difficult Decision via Lifehacker
The decision making process is never easy. No matter how many tricks you have up your sleeve, you're bound to lose a little sleep over the big decisions. If you're really struggling, here are a few ways to make the process a little easier on yourself as you work through all the possibilities.

Health Reform via The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation
With open enrollment for the state health insurance marketplaces, also known as exchanges, set to begin Oct. 1, educating consumers about their insurance coverage options becomes a major focus of implementation. These resources examine the new exchanges, the public's knowledge about them, and consumer assistance programs.

How to Write a Reflection via Episcopal Church Foundation
If you’re in church leadership, or just a regular church attendee, there’s a good chance you’ll be asked to write a reflection at some point, either for the advent calendar or for the stewardship campaign. Over the years I’ve written dozen of reflections for everything from my local church newsletter to Forward Movement. Here is some advice I’ve picked up over the years...

Presiding bishop preaches in Fort Yukon, Alaska via Episcopal Digital Network
Jesus is all about building bridges and making peace between human beings.  He insisted that was his job.  It’s also the job of his followers.  One of the bigger challenges is believing or expecting that peace is possible.  In a small way, that’s what Flat Jesus offers – an opening, a glimmer of hope that this encounter will be a life-giving one, offering hope and possibility, rather than a competitive struggle for survival.

NPR's Scott Simon Live Tweeting His Mother's Final Days via The Huffington Post
NPR host Scott Simon has been live tweeting from the hospital bedside of his mother Patricia Lyons Simon Newman Gilband, chronicling their final moments together for his 1.2 million followers on Twitter.

Six Unconventional, Scientific Ways to Be Happier via Lifehacker
Happiness. There isn't a single human being who doesn't want it, and for many, it is the primary pursuit in life. Conventional wisdom tells us that we need a good job, a great family life, and 11.5 months of vacation time to be happy. But we're going to focus on some lesser known factors of happiness that anyone can apply immediately.

HIV/AIDS: The Fight Isn't Over via The Huffington Post
Not only does the number of those living with HIV continue to grow, but the very medications devised to treat HIV/AIDS, paradoxically, may now be inhibiting our fight to stop one of the deadliest epidemics ever to strike mankind.

‘Listening to the spirit,’ task force is reimagining church via Episcopal News Service
Last July, the General Convention was filled with what one of the two conveners of the Task Force for Reimagining the Episcopal Church calls “extraordinary and unanimous energy around reforming our structures of governance and administration.” Now, a year later, that task force created by convention faces the large job of channeling that energy into specific recommendations acceptable to the next meeting of convention.