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Friday Roundup

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Each week, we highlight stories from our newsfeed on Prismatic. No account is required to see what we think is worth reading, so visit our profile often! We update it daily so there is usually something new to check out. Here is a sample of what we liked this week:

Happiness Comes From New Experiences, Not Material Objects; Even When They Haven't Happened Yet from Medical Daily
Imagine for a second, going to a place that you’ve wanted to travel to for quite some time; a Caribbean island, for example. Being on those sandy beaches, exploring rainforests and jungles, and swimming in clear waters will make almost anyone happy — much happier than buying a new TV or some new clothes.

Take a seat. You may be able to reverse the damage to your health from The Washington Post
Sitting for eight or more hours a day can be deadly. That fact has been hammered home in study after study showing the negative health effects -- including heart disease, poor circulation and joint pain -- associated with being parked on your behind for most of the day. The only sure way to prevent those problems, researchers have said, is to sit far less.

Sir John Franklin: Fabled Arctic ship found from BBC News
One of two British explorer ships that vanished in the Arctic more than 160 years ago has been found, Canada's prime minister says. Stephen Harper said it was unclear which ship had been found, but photo evidence confirmed it was one of them.

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