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Friday Roundup

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Each week, we highlight stories from our newsfeed on Prismatic. No account is required to see what we think is worth reading, so visit our profile often! We update it daily so there is usually something new to check out. Here is a sample of what we liked this week:

Living with grief: A conversation between men from CBS News
A long, thoughtful conversation about grief and loss between two men-- it’s not something you hear everyday, particularly from a high-profile interview with a Hollywood star. This week, Liam Neeson and Anderson Cooper sat down together in the home Neeson shared with his late wife Natasha Richardson and spoke candidly about living with loss.

Can selfies really spread head lice? from the Columbus Dispatch
Health experts say there are many ways kids can spread head lice, from sharing headphones to swapping hats and other clothing. But a selfie? Some think so.

New Rules Would Curb How Kids Are Sold Junk Food At School from NPR
If you want to teach kids to adopt healthier eating habits, it's probably unwise to give them coupons for fast food chains at school. And those advertisements for sugary sodas on the gymnasium scoreboard? Seems like another mixed message schools are sending kids. That's why the White House and U.S. Department of Agriculture proposed new school wellness guidelines Tuesday aimed at cracking down on the widespread marketing of less-than-nutritious foods to kids on campus during the school day.

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