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Foster Food Awareness in October

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<h1>Foster Food Awareness in October</h1>

This blog post originally appeared the Episcopal Diocese of Northern California

October is a time to celebrate the harvest in much of the Northern Hemisphere. Conferences and festivals abound in our communities. In addition, there are two days congregations may want to mark especially with prayers, educational events and activities.

Sunday, October 16 is World Food Day, with this year’s theme set by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations as “Food Prices - from Crisis to Stability.” This day presents an opportunity to learn more about what is driving those price increases and who is most affected. Click here for background on World Food Day, and to read about what global development organizations are doing to stabilize food prices in the face of growing populations, escalating urbanization, and climate change; and what we can do to help.

Monday, October 24 is the first Food Day in the United States. It is organized by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, now joined by other organizations with a strong emphasis on human and environmental health. Food Day’s website, www.foodday.org, includes a feature allowing a search for events and activities in your area.

If you haven't done so already, this October may be a good time to begin serious consideration of your congregation’s food practices. How responsible are your patterns of consumption and waste? Are there ways you could contribute to or support local food production? Where is the church’s voice needed in advocating for just food and agricultural policies? Are you celebrating the abundance of your area and the food traditions of your members?

The working group on food and environment of our church’s Executive Council Committee on Science, Technology and Faith has prepared a booklet which may be used for a congregational food audit. On October 1, look for it as a free download on the their web site, episcopalscience.org.

Update 10/7/11: Congregational Food Audit with Resources for Action Steps

For more information, contact Deacon Phina Borgeson: phinaborgeson@gmail.com. In addition to serving at Trinity, Sonoma, Deacon Borgeson is a member of the Sonoma County Food System Alliance.

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