April 11, 2015 / 2013 / June / Florida Times: Q&A with our friend Marie Hunsaker

Florida Times: Q&A with our friend Marie Hunsaker

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Know Your Health Pro: Faith-based nurse turns to higher power for healing

While there are many church-centered nurses in Brevard County, Hunsaker does health screenings and education for three: St. Gabriel’s Episcopal Church in Titusville, where she is based, Trinity Lutheran Church in Titusville and Mims United Methodist Church.

“It’s new here,” she said. “It’s a nurse in the faith community. Initially, they were called parish nurses, but because of our proximity to Parrish Medical Center, we didn’t want to get those two confused. They have now better termed it ‘faith community nurse’ so it can be in any faith community. It’s unique and has been well-received. I’ve been privileged to worship in all three.”

Hunsaker talked about progress with the North Brevard program and how her traditional nursing training helps her now.

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