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Episcopal Health Ministries on Sabbatical

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<h1>Episcopal Health Ministries on Sabbatical</h1>

EHM is in a time of discernment in order to restructure, seek new funding, locate new talent, and rededicate this ministry in order to best serve our communities. As yet, we are uncertain as to exactly how our new status will look, or precisely how long it will take to receive God’s Word about our direction.

And so…..EHM will temporarily be on sabbatical, hopefully for just a short time. Let us give thanks for our first twenty years of fruitful ministry, even as we consider the incredible needs in health and social justice issues that lie ahead. We ask you to pray for direction in our future ministry, which we feel certain will be revealed to us.

As always, thanks and appreciation to you for your faithful, continuing service to health ministries!