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Episcopal Diocese of Texas Young Adults Ministry Blog

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<h1>Episcopal Diocese of Texas Young Adults Ministry Blog</h1>

From the Episcopal Diocese of Texas Young Adults Ministry Blog:

  • Following Christ’s example, the Division of Young Adult Ministry seeks to reach and nurture young adults through advocacy, relationships and resources.
  • Advocacy: Making known the importance of young adults in the greater body of the church and developing and utilizing their gifts.
  • Relationships: Fostering healthy connections between young adults and facilitating networking opportunities.
  • Resources: Providing information that will aid young adults in discerning their calls within and outside of ministry. 

I've been following this blog for some time now, and I continue to be impressed with their efforts to educate young people about the impact of food choices on their health. Of equally worthy note is their continued emphasis on financial literacy. Here is just a selection of recent health articles they've highlighted:

This is a great resource for other ministries. Of course, as one would expect with a young adults group, they have a Facebook page here

I'm so inspired when I see others in the church engaging the issues of personal health. We'll continue to spotlight the good work that others are doing. Personally, I look forward to more from the Episcopal Diocese of Texas Young Adults!

Matthew Ellis serves as executive director of National Episcopal Health Ministries.