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Enterovirus - Another Reminder to Wash Your Hands

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<h1>Enterovirus - Another Reminder to Wash Your Hands</h1>

You may have seen the news that an specific enterovirus, EV-D68, has caused a lot of kids to get sick in 10 states around the country - and that number is growing.  A number of these children are being hospitalized with serious respertory issues. The enterovirus itself is a common bug - often known as the summer cold - but this particular strain is rare.

As school is now back in session, and kids are in close proximity to one another, there is concern that the disease will continue to spread and we'll be seeing outbreaks in other communities in the coming days and weeks.

There is no vacciene so the best prevention is the standard precautions we all should take in our daily lives - frequently washing hands, avoiding touching the face, not sharing utensils or cups, and staying home if feeling ill.  

Since this particular disease is impacting children it's another good opportunity for a reminder on the importantce of hand washing. The CDC calls handwashing a 'do it yourself vacciene' and has a whole page of resources on the topic including everything from posters to videos.

Share the importance of clean hands with others today!