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Diocese of Bethlehem is Moving!

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<h1>Diocese of Bethlehem is Moving!</h1>

Well, in a manner of speaking, anyway. We received this note from Fr. John Wagner:

I just wanted to thank you for your "Walk to Anywhere" program from 2006. We had used that locally several years ago to walk the distance from Nazareth to Bethlehem during the Advent Season. This year, five parishes from the Diocese of Bethlehem, as well as several other "independents" have joined together to collectively walk the distance from eastern Pennsylvania to Jerusalem to arrive in time to walk the Via Dolorosa on Good Friday. We're 533 miles ahead of schedule as of last Saturday, so should arrive in that Holy City in time for the first Eucharist at the Passover Feast! Additionally, the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania is interested in joining with Bethlehem parishes over the summer, to keep the "walk" going.

You may have read the story in ENS a few weeks ago about this event and, since the program was your idea, I wanted to thank you for making it available! I've just been contacted by the Episcopal Journal who wants to do a follow-up story at the conclusion of this walk. The participants will be meeting on Good Friday afternoon, to collectively walk that "final mile" together.

Thanks again for a wonderful program, and for our improved physical and spiritual state!

Fr. John

I'd like to thank Fr. John for this wonderful note. It's wonderful to see this resource in action. The article in ENS linked above is a really fun read to see how others in the church are being creative about incorporating wellness into worship activities. Zumba dancing to Jerusalem? Love it!

Don't forget to share your story with others. Communicating your successes is an important part of ministry! 

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