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(Digital) Life After Death?

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<h1>(Digital) Life After Death?</h1>

As we become ever more reliant on technology, we are faced with sometimes unexpected problems. One that is becoming more apparent is that of our postmortem digital lives. Many people develop quite robust virtual lives in various online communities, gaining very real friendships with people they may have never met in real life. 

How to communicate the passing of someone to these virtual friends? How should one's presence on Facebook, Twitter, etc. be managed in the event of death? How does an unexpected death complicate this? NPR program Sound Medicine recently tackled these questions.

From Sound Medicine:

Interview: Evan Carroll, co-founder, The Digital Beyond; co-author, "The Digital AfterLife."

Jill Ditmire talks with Evan Carroll, the co-founder of the blog, The Digital Beyond, and co-author of "The Digital Afterlife," a book dedicated to managing online content after a user’s death. According to Carroll, people need to give relatives specific information about managing digital media (email, Facebook, Twitter, as well as bank accounts and legal documents) in the case of death. Carroll recommends we make a list of the usernames and passwords for all of our digital accounts and specify what we would like done with each account upon our death as part of our estate planning. 

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